Axe10 Cloud
An investigation application with disclosure capability, deployed on Amazon Web Services

Locate & Gather Intel & Material

  • III (OSINT) Toolbox
  • Audited Internet Searches
  • On-line Intel & Material
  • Off-line intel & Material
  • Statements & Reports
  • Recordings & Exhibits
  • Dark Web Capability
  • Sensitive Mode Option

eForensically Preserve Intel & Material

  • Deployment Manager
  • Decision Manager
  • Audit Trail Capture
  • Extensive Log Reports
  • Sensitive Material Manager
  • Secured File Hashing
  • Sensitive Mode Option
  • Intelligence Grading
  • Classification Manager

Distribute a Case eBundle with eDisclosure Capability

    • Evidence Report
    • Evidence Preserved
    • All Logs & Hashes
    • Unused Material
    • Sensitive Material (unredacted)
  • Sensitive Material (redacted)
  • Secure Edit Capability
  • Disclosure Officer
  • Crown Prosecution Service
  • Defendant / Defence Counsel
  • Judicial Review

Hearings & Pre-Trial Hearings

axe10 Cloud

An investigation application with disclosure capacity, residing on Amazon WorkSpaces, supplied by AWS.

Amazon WorkSpaces are secure remote desktops, running the familiar Windows 10 operating system from Microsoft.

Each Amazon Workspace has it's own dedicated resources (Processor, RAM and Hard-drive). Nothing is shared.

The axe10 app is pre-installed on each Amazon Workspace, that is configured by Axeten to deliver optimal productivity with exceptional security with an obfuscated footprint.

Customers in the UK are deployed on the AWS London instance that has been approved for Law Enforcement by the National Policing Information Risk Management Team (NPIRMT)

Deploy axe10 Cloud to investigate crime and civil matters, to prepare a case for prosecution and to present evidence in a court of law.

axe10 Deployment Options

The axe10 app may be deployed on a local computer, or on a local network of connected computers, but for Law Enforcement purposes, this is not recommended. For safety and security, it is recommended that law enforcement should deploy axe10 on cloud solution.

Axeten Ltd has partnered with Amazon Web Services to deliver the axe10 Cloud.

Axe10 Cloud

Secure Investigation Platform

Windows 10 Remote Desktop

Safe Investigation Capability

Safe eDisclosure distribution

What's New

Process Instagram Followers/Following

POLE Structured Investigations

Integrated Internet search capability with logging

Easy to use Sensitive Material management