Frequently Asked Questions

This FAQ page is a digest of questions e-mailed to Axeten Ltd, along with the answers we supplied.

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1. Accessibility

A1.1. During a single session, a user can open and close unlimited active investigations. A session is not tied to an investigation.

For security reasons, one user can have only one active session. If a user has an active session running in one location, and then the user starts a new session from another device, the existing session will be terminated and the new session shall persist.

On request, this security feature can be disabled in the system, but the platform allows for only 1 user, 1 session.

2. Security & Non-Attribution

A2.4. Tell us! So that the compromise might do no harm, we will destroy the desktop, so there is no record of it ever existing. Then we create a new desktop for you. The process of destroying and replacing the desktop takes about 40 minutes.

3. Capture & Edit

A3.1. Yes, by using an android emulator. The list of apps is not limited. Apps can be uploaded by the user.

A3.2. Yes, by using the OS dedicated software, or dedicated OSINT software – axe10app.

4. Storage & Encryption

A4.1. Yes, original unaltered copies are retained. It’s up to the platform user to make sure that the copies remain unaltered, by encrypting them.

A4.2. Yes, it’s up to the platform user to make sure of that. Encryption software available on the platform.

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