A cloud solution allows the investigator to perform investigations from a safe and secure platform, where data is saved inside axe10.


axe10 has built-in GDPR & LED safety of all users, whether using axe10 on a cloud desktop or on a local desktop. Crucially, axe10 does not archive all the data on a page automatically. There is no risk that the user shall gather information about people outside of the investigation. In compliance with the GDPR and the LED, the axe10 app is proportionate. Inadvertently, the user cannot step outside of the regulations.


The cloud service includes a non-attributable VPN solution supplied by Axeten Ltd. This includes a dedicated VPN between your devices and the desktop cloud. So where you might be using a public and insecure wi-fi connection from your laptop in a coffee shop, the dedicated VPN provides a secure and encrypted connection to your cloud desktop. Also, the dedicated VPN solution is supplied between the user workplace and the cloud solution, so that only one port might be opened in the local firewall.
The VPN facility provides the ability for a user to access the internet from multiple points of presence, in the UK and worldwide.
It is impossible to attribute this service to the desktop cloud user. Also, the desktop solution provides an agent switching application that further enhances to non-attributable features of the service.


The cloud service provides an option for the management for False Personas. This is a password management application that permits the logins for all False Personas to be stored and quickly accessed. The 'Notes' section for each login, provides the user the option to record further detail about the False Persona.
False Persona logins can be grouped, so that all the logins, for a single False Persona, can be stored in a single folder for quick access and easy management of multiple False Personas.


The Cloud service includes a pre-installed Agent Switcher, that allows the researcher to obfuscate any footprint made by their actual operating system and browser configuration.


Safe Browsing

The Researcher's legal obligation

Deny detection by a third party

Prevent third party profiling

Use Mozilla Firefox or the Tor Browser

Safe Research

eForensic Capability

eDisclosure Capability

Digital Case System Compliant

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