Security Capacity

axe10 Cloud security features

Secure your workspace, so that employees are aware that they work in your safe and protected cloud environment.

  • Investigation Security
  • Investigator Security
  • System Security
  • Network Security
  • Data Security


Every action taken by an axe10 Cloud user is recorded. The record is saved for Supervisor review.
Also, the axe10 cloud have real-time surveillance capability. Multiple user can be observed simultaneously.
This applies if the user is in an organisation facility, working from home or on the road, using a mobile device.


axe10 Cloud provides the option to encrypt each Case Bundle; so that the encrypted folder my be transferred with optimal safety, to another server or local desktop.


Only a user with rights to use axe10app can access the data is a case while it is being processed.


Axeten supplies Access Management control to your super-user, so that accounts might be assigned as required. Each user might be assigned an identity that is not known to Axeten


All data is stored in axe10 until it is exported as a Case Bundle. axe10 Cloud provides the option to scan each exported Case Bundle for malware.


The safe and secure solution for home-working with scalability

Axeten performs intelligence investigations for its customers and we supply a safe platform for UK Police Forces and other Public Authorities, to perform on-line investigations with off-line case management.

The infrastructure is secure and the day to day operational user activity is safe to deploy from a home environment.

Since the outbreak of Covid-19, as more employees work from home, select corporate customers, particularly in the intelligence sector, are acquiring the Axeten Secure Remote Desktop, that is designed for Law Enforcement.

Now, we are making that same Law Enforcement secure platform technology available to anyone, with a work from home requirement.

    Secure User Activity

    No employee lost time to personal matters

    Prevent personal e-mail

    Prevent personal Social media activity

    Prevent personal on-line shopping

    Prevent personal web-browsing

    No Risk of misappropriation of work data

    Prevent or allow download to local

    Prevent copy to USB

    Prevent send by personal e-mail

    Prevent send by Skype, WhatsApp etc

    Easy & Familiar

    Windows 10 or Linux Ubuntu

    Data sharing on demand

    Network replication on demand

    Customization on demand

    Pay As You Go option

    No term contract

    Suspend on demand

    Re-activate on demand

    Terminate the service at any time

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